Labentes by Rogier Dirkx

    Art TV, Belgrade 1995

    Frozen memories by Rogier Dirkx

    1620 seconds under La Manche

    FIAC 2019


    Everyday Revolution in Art O Art Television helps you connect, communicate and share with the ever-changing art world. Founded in 1991, Art TV is an innovative concept in visual arts, a new form of television, global media, unexpected and provocative art experience on air  - an artwork in itself.

    Art as Organic

    Organic art, O art, refers to the ecological approach to change in contemporary society. We stand for original values ​​in art, for art free from the constraints of liberal capitalism, we believe that art should be alive and should belong to everyone. Art is a powerful driver of ideas and a better understanding among people. O Art TV is a place where ideas are exchanged, where we dream, eyes wide open, in front of pictures pushing back the limits of imagination.

    Circumnavigation as Art

    For the first time in the history of art, a sailing trip around the world will be conducted as an artwork. For the first time in the history of civilization, the level of sea pollution by plastic is so high that we all need to unite immediately against the enormous production of disposable plastic. Take part in this dream project and join us.

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    Oart TV invites artists to exhibit their emerging video art and to take part in our TV program. Once selected your artwork becomes permanently visible to a large international audience. For the program selection please sign up and follow the upload instructions.

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