HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Jean-Michel Rolland

Year of production: 2011

TECHNO TOOLS by Jean-Michel Rolland

Year of production: 2011

Vulcano by Maria Leonardo

VULCANO In the nineteenth century, the French astronomer Urban Le Verrier, known for the discovery of Neptune, found that the precession of Mercury perihelion was bigger than wh...

Rogier Dirkx, Artist by Oart TV

Concept: The tecnique is the same which is using in videogames, the modern movie industry and commercials. My purpose is to research the possibility to make a reflection of our m...

10 – 9 by Martin McGill

A short experimental video designed to elicit a reaction from an audience. Human ingenuity versus Human nature.

9 Inch Later by Jeremie Duriez

9 Inch Later by Jeremie Duriez

Oblivion by Natalia Lampropoulou

A video performance inspired of memory loss. Oblivion is a gradual exploration of memory loss through the sense of forgetfulness and loss. A choreography inside abyss where the bod...

Cocotte by russell chartier

Coauthors: Paul J Botelho

Free movements by Michael Basov

Elm seeds, that cover the streets in the spring, perform their dance bending to the will of wind and randomness. But one seed does not want to be a guest at this ball and dances ag...

Gaia’s Portrait by Rogério Paulo da Silva

The Portrait of Gaia (2020) is a film made from a mobile phone and is based on the Sci-Fi genre. The film explores the image as a dissimulating object of reality and tells the stor...